A new side project: Aerial Guide

Posted on Jan 18, 2018

Starting a new side project is always a fun yet overwhelming process. I plan on making a website, YouTube & Instagram - but first I have to start with a logo. I wanted something bold and simple, but most importantly - no cameras, aperture/lenses or drones in the logo. 

I decided to go with a monogram-ish logo since every other drone or aerial imaging logo has an outline of a phantom with an aperture logo on it.

Total garbage

After many failed half-assed attempts at an "AG" logo, I caved and tried a drone inspired logo. 

Not great

So I decided to type the words out and see if I was feeling the type.

Nothing to see here

Back to using the A and G somehow - I began using slab serif fonts.

Still not great, but a better direction.

When I started using the slab serifs, I broke out a grid and tried to conform the letters to the rows and columns. After many different awful variations, I came up with something that had the G inside of the A - which eventually led to having the G using the negative space within the A, and the A not fully connecting.

Starting to get better.

Finally happy with some variants of these, grids are awesome but require some finagling - making the grid smaller allowed for better results.

Long feet? Short feet? Straight corners? Rounded corners?

After some decision making, I chose one variant and went further with it.

I think I've gone too far.

Pulling back a bit, I decided I like the short-footed, rounded corner version of the logo. I can't decide between having the box around it or not.

The argument

Against the box

The box adds noise to the logo that technically doesn't need to be there. It looks weird when it's in an avatar on a website in a circle. Too many shapes and the logo has to be too small, even though it's really bold and reads well small there is just too much going on with the box.

For the box

I think the box around the AG helps the logo look stronger and hold up better on it's own. It gives is space to live within and re-inforces the grid and spacing.

The conclusion:

Since this is my project and I get to make the rules, I get to have my cake and eat it too. I love side projects. When it's in a circle, no square. When there is no circle, the logo gets the square.