A Personal Ranking of Various Keurig K-Cups

Posted on May 07, 2017

Coffee is awesome, but drinking a cup you don't like isn’t. Remembering what kind of coffee you’ve drank can be difficult when you drink a lot. (I log beer with untapped and Cigars with Cigar Boss for this same reason.) 

Disclaimer: I drink coffee black and pretty hot, if it gets close to room temperature I don’t like to drink it. These flavors are based on the first few sips.


  • Pikes Place – 8.5/10
    • This is my Go-to cup of coffee. Plenty of caffeine and a bold, flavorful taste. No fancy flavors but premium coffee beans that is easy to drink weather it’s hot or even close to room temperature.
  • Verdana Blonde – 6/10
    • This has a very mild coffee taste, if you enjoy the taste of coffee this might not be for you. However, If you don’t like coffee but like caffeine- this is what you should drink.

Brown Gold

  • Ethiopian – 7/10
    • Not harsh- but not mellow. Mild and sweet. 6/10
      • UPDATE: It tastes a lot better scalding hot. 7/10
  • Peruvian – 5.5/10
    • Medium to Dark roast, but crisp and flavorful.
  • Brazilian – 8/10
    • Bold roast that tastes good. The most averagely good (not a bad thing) of the Brown Gold K-Cups. This is a standard-issue good cup of coffee.
  • Columbian – 7.5, debatably an 8/10
    • Exactly what you’d expect as far as flavor is concerned, a pretty bold taste. It’s hard to mess up Columbian Coffee.
  • Costa Rican – 7/10
    • As far as Brown Gold goes, this is the most subtle flavor you’ll get (in my opinion). Mellow and flat are the first things that come to mind. Not my cup of… coffee.

Time Hortons

  • French Roast – 7.5/10
    • A French Roast that is more toward “smooth” rather than “bold”. Nice and easy to drink while hot and not as bitter as most other french roasts.

Wolfgang Puck

  • Hawaiian Hazelnut – 7/10
    • A medium hazelnut with a “hint of coconut”. I didn’t taste any coconut and I’m glad I didn’t. Side note: Kona coffee is awesome.

Premiere Roasters

  • French Roast – 6.875/10
    • Never would have guessed this was a French Roast coffee- not as dark and bold tasting as other French Roasts.


  • Kenya AA – 7/10
    • This coffee is highly rated online, but i’d rate it just above average. It has a bold, smooth taste (reminds me of the Brown Gold Ethiopian Blend) but as the cup approaches room temperature, you lose a lot of it’s flavor profile. Best enjoyed as hot as you can tolerate. If you’re traveling or not going to drink this cup immediately, I’d recommend something different.

Double Donut Coffee

  • Bold Blend – 7.5/10
    • Not being a fan of very dark coffee, this is an easy to drink “bold” blend. Bold blends tend to be darker and sometimes have more caffeine in them, but this dark coffee doesn’t taste bitter or acidic. A good bold coffee for medium-roast drinkers.