Adding a Time Hop-like today page to Second of the Day

Posted on Oct 06, 2017

Whilst being disappointed by my lack of social media posting when I opened my time hop app, I had a realization. I don't post on social media as much as I use to, and I post every single day on


I should make my own personal time hop!

Me, internally, laying in bed with Time Hop open.

So that's what I fucking did.

And boy, is it taking forever. Setting up the templates and making it work was fast and easy. 

The hard, time-consuming part (and what I'm still doing) is 'writing' out the content. Writing is in single quotes because I'm kind of writing some of it and copy/pasting other parts of it. 

When I set out to make the site, I didn't think about a CMS or formatting data in a reusable way. I thought I was going to make the site for that year and never touch it again. For the most part I was right, until I had the idea of the /today page. While most of 2012, 2013, 2014 is filled out, the text is just straight up in a flat HTML file. And the HTML file is so hastily thrown together that the mark up is beyond my ability to scrape the data from the page and import it into a spread sheet since I'd spend too much time retroactively fixing my bad markup and fixing errors. And since the text is in a flat HTML file it has never been spell checked. So I now had the painful task of copy/pasting the day descriptions into the CMS and correcting any errors in the text or even re-writing the descriptions. 

I saved this laborious task for a time when I didn't have anything else to do and I was forced to sit in front of nothing and do nothing for long periods of time: traveling. 

This is another story, but Ashley had won tickets to a show that was hundreds of miles away - so I worked on everything else and saved the copy pasta hell job for a way to kill travel time. And it worked like a charm. Minus being the worlds worst (or best) airplane travel partner and not saying a word with my head buried in my computer — I managed to get most of the flat HTML day descriptions into the CMS! 

I have no descriptions for 2015 or 2016 because I was lazy those years, but I have more travel time coming up that I can harness into writing that content then. About 30 hours round trip and I should be able to get all of those days written, watch a few episodes of Sunny and be at our destination! I've never looked forward to travel time so much.

Here is what the today page looks like right now.