Aerial Guide Launched!

Shipping side projects is a great feeling.

Posted on Feb 18, 2018

After about a month of working on Aerial Guide, I've finally shipped it! You can view it live at

It's far from perfect, but I'm making new releases for the site and fixing things as fast as I possibly can. I'm working on some new 'research' entry types that will deep dive on drone specs and provide reviews. Next on the roadmap is a "Buyers Guide" (you can see it in the navigation already on my local screen shot, but there is nothing on the page yet.)

For the buyers guide page, I'd like to add a release cycle counter for the different drones so you know when is a good time to buy each drone - and when it is approaching a new cycle so you can wait to purchase the new one. Not a fool-proof method, since drone release cycles are shorter/much more erratic than other tech release cycles but knowing more before making a purchase never hurts.