Blend Guide - My Current Side Project

Posted on Oct 20, 2015

Working on a side project for the past … 4 or 5 months pretty consistently. Consistently meaning about 15-20 hours (pretty much when I get off of work until I go to sleep) a week when I’m not at Sprokets. I’m using it as an outlet to learn some new things and “level up” some UI/UX/Front End skills- it’s pretty time consuming but I’m getting addicted to the hustle and seeing everything coming together. I was blogging about my progress but a few weeks ago I had my head buried into the site and skimped out on the blogging. My progress blog is private right now, it’s just been a tool for keeping track of what I’ve been working on and what comes next.

Building something entirely from scratch by yourself is fucking tough.

The idea of the site is to help people compare blenders. I know, random- right? But I happen to love using my blender and could generate some content that could help others, so why not? Here is a 360 photo of what I’d like to (eventually) support for the product images. These are interesting to shoot/make.

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