Blend Guide on Let’s Encrypt

Posted on Mar 21, 2017

In the past, I was using Go Daddy for my domains and SSL Certificates. I know a lot of people didn’t like them but for me, it was easy to keep everything on one service. Once I started getting phone calls for Go Daddy selling my information (The spammers actually all told me that’s where they got my info), I decided to go with Let’s Encrypt for my SSL certificates and Gooogle Domains for managing my domain names. Both offer services for free that Go Daddy charge a premium for – Let’s Encrypt……. lets… you… encrpyt…. your site with a free (and automatically renewable!) certificates (Go Daddy charges about $60 a year). Google Domains is the same as a lot of registrars (AFAIK) but they will give you private whois lookup info for free, Go Daddy charges about $10-$20 per year per domain for that – and with over 10 domains, that adds up quickly. Not to mention you have to log in to your accounts and renew them.

I’m almost done moving all of my domains to Google and I’ve only started using Let’s Encrypt recently, but in a few months all of my domains will be using these two services (as the services I’ve paid for expire).

Feels good to get free things, while also not getting my information stolen. Feels goodman.