Building a website for my family's basement waterproofing company

The start of another side project

Posted on May 10, 2017

A little background. My aunt and uncle run a Basement Waterproofing company and need help with their online presence. Their competitors have websites with info, pictures, services, videos, testimonies, etc. My aunt and uncles company, Northern Ohio Basement Waterproofing (NOBW) has been around since before I was born. They have a good reputation in the local area with solid word-of-mouth referrals. They're a family business that offers great work at a fair price. While they're still doing okay and finding new work, I noticed they didn't have a website and asked them about it. 

We really need a website, but the last few people we've hired haven't really helped us like we've needed. We don't know what else to do, so we've just never had one.

My Uncle Paul, NOBW

Needless to say, I'm helping them with their website. We've had a few calls and discussed the who, what, where, why, etc - and they're working on writing the content for their website and gathering assets. 

The first thing I did for them was get them a URL. The url that was purchased for them was - while literally their business name, and I see where they were going with that, I offered to buy to make the url a little shorter. It might be worth mentioning here that people in the local area know them as "NOBW" but thinking of the people that have yet to discover them, I'm going to use their full name wherever else possible - just having a long name/url is tough to type and even they weren't that thrilled about it. We still have control of both.

Looking forward to working with them and building something that will hopefully open a new door for more leads, estimates and happy customers.