Convert a bulleted list to outlines and preserve the bullets in InDesign

A frustratingly simple battle

Posted on Nov 23, 2017


Selection Tool => select text box => right click => "Convert Bullets to Text" => Type (Menu bar) => Create outlines

I don't use InDesign as much as I use to, but I had to crack it open to make a trade show booth for an awesome client. As I was getting ready to send it, I was creating outlines of all the text to send it to the printer. For some reason, the bulleted list - using this menu bar option... 

... wouldn't keep the bullets in the list correctly when creating the outlines of the text. 

Incorrect Outlines

So whenever I was making this, I fumbled around for a few minutes and figured out you have to right click on the list and select "Convert bullets to Text" then convert to outlines as you normally would.

Using InDesign CC 2018