Loko Wraps – Sketch & Initial Visual Design

Posted on Jul 10, 2016

Loko Wraps is an awesome Wrap/Shoothie shop in Hawaii. I’m working with them on rebuilding their website, this is the first round of visual design. Things are going to change a lot I’d imagine – but this is the first round of design.

From sketch -> design, a few things changed. The more I was thinking about the hierarchy of the page and how to display the menu as easily as possible, I decided to go with a tab-style menu. The meals are the same contents, but the prices are different based on how theyre served – a burrito and taco are different prices, but both are either chicken, pork or veggie. Now that I’m looking at it again, I should probably add a “View Menu PDF” button or something to the “Our Menu” section, so it can be easily printed and hung on a refrigerator, bulletin board, whatever. The hours were more important than social media “above the fold” (not intended to start any “fold” drama), so I included the Yelp page in the navigation and put the hours on the very top of the page.

Color palette stolen from here.