Moving to HTML/SCSS with Tim’s Portfolio Site

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Moved onto the next stage of building Tim’s portfolio. About a week ago I used a Yeoman generator to build the scaffolding for the project. This design is still going to be tweaked, but going to leave the polishing for when I get the rest of the content and Tim gets back to me. He told me the content will be similar to the placeholder content, but if I've learned anything with placeholder stuff - it's never right. The spacing and layout will change a lot after I get the content I'm sure. 

Using npm and bower to manage the assets so I don’t have to. Grunt to make things do other things so I don’t have to. Set up a staging server on my Media Temple account and just today got the credentials to sign in and finish setting him up on the Digital Ocean droplet that I’m using for Blend Guide. Using bootstrap and scss. Hopefully by the weekend I can have everything done and begin making the content model for Craft. The end is near.. kind of.

Reading Practical SVG thanks to Dan at work – so far, only the social media icons (ig, ig & ig) are svg’s. Referencing the symbol and using use is pretty cool.  I worked on everything for 2 hours and 15 minutes today. A solid 30 minutes was trying to figure out how to  resize the freaking SVG (I wasn’t to that chapter yet. I had to skip ahead and read that part.) I found out that it’s much different that just resizing an img. I didn’t have the viewBox on the SVG and I had no clue why things weren’t working. This book was lent to me at the perfect time!