New blog up and running

Obligatory first post

Posted on Sep 11, 2015

This is the obligatory first post for the blog. Just saying hooray, it’s up. was originally my website to dump animated gifs and photos in an open directory to share with friends easily. Then I made A secret to everybody (nerds, how was this domain not taken??) and this site was stagnant. I usually end up writing notes in Evernote that get forgotten about so I thought setting up this site as a place to write and categorize things would be a little more fun. I’m also becoming an “own your own data” advocate. Facebook is cool, but what if it suffers myspaces’ fate in a few years?

I chose WordPress strictly because it’s easy to setup. Literally install and upload a theme. And you can write from your phone with an app.  I’m currently vacationing in Toronto, waiting on Ashley to get ready. Technology. Pretty cool.

Also, yes, that is a picture of Maroon Bells in Colorado - thats the only hero-esque photo I have on my phone right now.