The subtle differences between Canada and The United States of America

Posted on Sep 13, 2015

I'm not talking about free healthcare vs shit-storm healthcare, I'm talking about the mild nuances when us southerners are traveling North of the Wall. There are plenty of ways to distinguish yourself as an outsider in subtle ways when visiting an unfamiliar area - and as a disclaimer this post doesn't mean anything other than just to be amusing.

At the time of this writing, 1.00 USD = 1.32 CAD

In General

  • ATM Fees are billed in your currency.
    • Ex. 2.50 ATM fee in CA is still 2.50 USD
  • Gas is pumped in liters, not gallons. Canada isn’t a utopia of cheap gas.
  • Chicken wings – by the pound (and weighed frozen). 
  • Almost all Chinese food has some level of MSG and I found out my body can’t handle very much.
  • Generally speaking, people on the street are nicer in Canada.
  • CA drinking age is 18, it’s a pretty young bar crowd.
  • Canadian money is looks like different colored monopoly money.


  • USA: Lemon Pound Cake – cold
  • CA: Lemon Loaf – they give it to you warmed.
  • Canada loves their “True North” blend coffee with a lot of passion.


I went out of my way to look at McDonalds’ menu.
It’s still called a quarter pounder.