Trying out zsh (Oh my zsh)

A cooler command line experience that fits within your favorite terminal on Mac.

Posted on Mar 30, 2017

I'm not a fan of this UI

Looking at the terminal

I’ve been getting a grasp on the command line for the past while and slowly building my confidence installing things performing some pretty cool tasks. It’s been a good experience but it's been no-frills-strictly-business with the terminal. I found iTerm and it was pretty nice (mostly for the tabs), then I found oh my zsh and now I'm starting to get excited.

Straight away, I like that you can customize the ‘interface’ with themes. The two things I’m always checking is my current working directory and what branch I’m working in. Usually, I’m working in a separate branch on some change but sometimes.. just sometimes I forget to make a new branch when I’m in the “I’ll just see how easy this would be to do really quick” state of mind and start poking around and eventually just doing it. Having the branch name there is pretty cool (I use Tower for git, they have some pretty handy ‘stash changes’ stuff to help with this.)  The working directory is there on bash I was using, but this theme makes it stand out a little more and make it easier to read.

Zsh also has some cool completion things that are nice to have for those longer files/directories to type. For example, you can type “ind” and everything containing “ind” showed up from a fuzzy search. Pretty cool small things like that.

Only weirdness I’ve experienced so far was needing to edit some paths, but that was manageable.

Link to GitHub: