Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Review

A bluetooth mechanical keyboard?!

Posted on Jun 15, 2017

The Varmilo Bluetooth TKL keyboard sounded almost too good to be true. I use the same laptop for work and home, so I'm constantly plugging and unplugging monitors and headphones. It sounds crazy to get upset about plugging things in - but do it a few times a day, every day, and it gets not fun really quick. I'm a fan of bluetooth accessories since I can take them around and not deal with wires and USB/Thunderbolt cables. 

The problem

I should say that this is my first mechanical keyboard of my own. (I now own a few, it's a disease.) I was getting tired of hunting and pecking on my flat apple keyboard so I decided to touch type again. I knew how to do it from high school but I'm just way faster hunting. Unsurprisingly, I sucked pretty hard at touch typing when I tried to type quickly because I would mash like 2-3 keys at once. That was the second I knew I needed a different, more ergonomic keyboard.

Wire-free desk

Enter the Varmilo VB87m

After doing some research and finding r/mk, I found a bluetooth mechanical keyboard at a fair price but couldn't find it in stock anywhere. Massdrop had them in stock every 6 months or so but the prices and ship times were unattractive. So I gave it to my girlfriend for a Christmas gift idea with my certain configuration thinking it wouldn't happen, but she totally pulled through. She contacted a distributor overseas and had it custom made for me. 

The configuration I wanted was:

  • Black case
  • White, side-printed PBT keycaps
  • White LEDs
  • Cherry MX Blue switches

A plain looking keyboard as far as mechanical keyboards are concerned but that configuration was hard to find in stock anywhere. The board was available like this with any other type of switch than blue.

Backlight intensity 3 out of 4 settings.

The Cherry MX Blues break at a reasonable typing force and provide a tactile feel that is really satisfying. However, anyone who is in the room or surrounding rooms while I'm typing will lose their minds. This keyboard is super loud and clicky to type with. It's great while you're the one typing but intermittent taps are enough to drive anyone insane. I'm only allowing myself to use this keyboard while I'm at home so my co-workers don't hate me, I have a Das Keyboard Ultimate with quieter brown switches I use at the office - but that's for another article. 

I rate this keyboard 8/10 artisan keycaps, the reduction is because the backlight only shows the bottom half of the keycaps when lit up. I don't need RGB fancy lighting, I just want to see my hotkeys when I'm in a dark room. The keycaps are printed on the front side so that helps with the half backlight situation but it just flat-out looks bad. 

My girlfriend or anyone within a 15-foot radius rate this keyboard -2/10.