Why is audible charging me $10.28 per month when I cancelled my membership? Audible fee?

Turns out, it wasn't a fee.

Posted on May 14, 2017

As an Amazon.com member, you get a lot of different perks with your Amazon account. Amazon Prime is the reason I signed up, but accounts also come with Prime Video, Music, Dash Buttons, Twitch Prime and lots of other nice-to-haves. I heard on a podcast that Amazon/Audible gives you one free book with no commitments and I had a few hours to kill with nothing to do, so I signed up.

It's worth noting that I was outside of the US when I signed up for Audible. Thought it would be a good time to "read" The Martian since it's ~10 hour book and thats about how much time I had to kill. Signed up easily and the download was fast.

I got The Martian and listened to it on my phone on the way home. You know how some people say the book is better than the movie? In this case, the Audiobook was better than the book, totally worth the listen.

Returned home (to The United States) and checked my Audible account to notice 2 credits available. Thought at that point my membership started, I downloaded my first two purchased books and started listening. Being a Game of Thrones fan, I downloaded A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords. 37 hours and 47 hours. Holy shit I'm going to be busy for... months at the rate I listen to books. This is where the weird-ness starts.

Not going to be buying any new books anytime soon, I went to cancel my Audible account for the time being. Other than the ridiculously long cancellation process everything was pretty normal. Looking at my bank statement, I saw there was a charge from Audible which was as expected, I got my 2 credits. Another month goes by and I'm charged the same amount again, but my account is cancelled and I have zero credits. I'm only a few hours into A Clash of Kings at this point.

Log in, see my account is cancelled and begin a support chat. Multiple chat supports because all the reps said I haven't been charged and my account is cancelled. 

My card is stolen and some thief is listening to audiobooks.

Internal dialog

I had no idea why I was being charged $10.28 for two credits when the price for one credit is $14.99. Nothing made sense, so I checked my browsing history to see what link I used to sign up in the first place. Audible.co.uk - ok now we're getting somewhere. Logged into that audible account and saw my membership was still active and had two credits on my account. 

Turns out the link I used abroad was for two credits in the United States and only one credit everywhere else? Okay. I was able to use my one credit for The Martian with Audible.co.uk (that was redirected from .com) and still had access to my two credits with my Audible.com account for A Song of Ice and Fire.

Why did my credentials from .co.uk work to login to my .com account (and all of my information), but not to sync my membership updates?

Anyways, I have two more credits to use on Audible.co.uk - they have a totally different book selection than the US store. No A Song of Fire and Ice ☹️  I need some suggestions.