Working on NOBW's identity and stationary

First things first

Posted on May 18, 2017

After meeting and talking about their branding and identity, we realized they need to get all of their branding on the same page. As a small business, they have multiple different people building their identity - but only whenever they run out of a certain thing (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc) and are needed. The rotation of updates has never been in sync to update their who system at once. I proposed that we start off by focusing on their branding to look cohesive wherever used. 

Making a logo for basement waterproofing is hard. Really hard. My thoughts on this version of the logo was to abstract the different layers of foundation - this particular version had a contained water droplet in the middle. This is the best logo from my first two rounds of logo sketching and vectoring. 

Playing off of the rounded edges of the 'layers', I chose the font Ubuntu. It has the versatility of a bold and unique heading and can also retain it's legibility at thinner weights. Wanted to keep a balance of strength and character with the font and with the symbol, I think they play well with each other. Just keeping typography in mind since I know I'm going to have to make all of the stationary and the website.