Working on the year-end video for Second of the Day 2017

Copyright Claims & Compression Conundrums

Posted on Dec 26, 2017

Ever since I cracked and added music to Second of the Day, discovering the perfect song has become the major choke point. It's a pain that is all too familiar from editing skate videos. When you finally find the song, listen to it too much, hate it, then fall back in love with it... it has a copyright claim against it and it was all for nothing.

This year is no different, this being the song that has the copyright claim against it.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln, The boss of GTD

When you find the right kind of song, the video pretty much edits itself and editing time gets cut way down. Find a song that could be good, but hard to edit to – it will take longer and more likely to lose steam.

I thought the above song was a good choice - it's nerdy but upbeat with variation and gaps that makes video editing a breeze. There is some intermittent yelling in the vocals but nothing that can't be edited out. 

Learning my lesson in the past, I made a dummy video with this song in the background and uploaded it as a private video to my YouTube account (protip). Thankfully I did before much editing because, sure enough, the video has a copyright claim against it that would have  silenced the entire audio for the video. 

The search continues

I had a few back ups in mind but none were jumping out at me. I made dummy videos again and uploaded them as private videos to my YouTube and surprisingly none of them had any 'strikes' against them. 

The more I listened to them the more I liked them though. They will all need some kind of editing but nothing time consuming and I can easily chop these songs to repeat or end earlier if need be. These are what I'm rolling with.

Skammadix - DLM
Major 3rd - Keep it on the hush
JF - Facing Off

Now the editing begins.