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June 2021: Worklog

Worklog for June, 2021

May 2021: Worklog

Work done in 2021

April 2021: Photo Collection

Photos shot in April 2021

Your Monitor is Probably Wrong. How to Calibrate Your Computer Monitor

I thought the default profiles were good enough, turns out.. that's not the case.

March 2021: YouTube Video and Photo collection

Stuff I made in March 2021

December 2020: YouTube Video & Photo Collection

Who is Keith Knittel?

After renaming my channel from Aerial Guide to my name, Keith Knittel, I thought it was a good time to introduce myself and let you know what to expect on this channel. I'll be slowly updating names from "Aerial Guide" to "Keith Knittel" over the next months. The content will remain the same, only updating the name.

Dog Days of Summer During Covid | Erie, Pennsylvania

Taking a socially distanced trip to Erie, PA

Photo Log, May 2019

Photo record of 'keeper' photos taken in May of 2019

Lakewood, Ohio: Flying over Lakewood Park in the winter

A cold and icy morning in Lakewood - the sky was clear with low winds when I woke up so I decided to seize the opportunity and take the Phantom 4 Pro out by the frozen Lake Erie.

Second of the Day 2017 video posted and website launched

I told myself I was going to ship Second of the Day on January 1st this year, for the first time ever, and it actually worked.