Category: Outdoors

Dog Days of Summer During Covid | Erie, Pennsylvania

Taking a socially distanced trip to Erie, PA

Photo Log, May 2019

Photo record of 'keeper' photos taken in May of 2019

Lakewood, Ohio: Flying over Lakewood Park in the winter

A cold and icy morning in Lakewood - the sky was clear with low winds when I woke up so I decided to seize the opportunity and take the Phantom 4 Pro out by the frozen Lake Erie.

Second of the Day 2017 video posted and website launched

I told myself I was going to ship Second of the Day on January 1st this year, for the first time ever, and it actually worked.

Second of the Day 2016

I film everyday and edit the clips into a short video every year. This is the video for 2016!


Went on a road trip with Ashley – we went to visit some family, go to a show and visit our nations capital. This is my first time there and I couldn’t help but get a Frank Underwood vibe from everyone in a suit that looks important.

Vans Demo – Locals Best Trick in Lakewood Ohio

Filmed and edited a best trick video for Public Square Group at the Vans Demo. Theres plenty of other footage for the whole demo, but here is a small snippet of the Locals Best Trick.

Molokini Crater and Ashley's Video on Right This Minute

Ashleys video was picked up by a show called “Right this Minute”, featuring Viral videos from across the internet. Things are getting ridiculous.

The subtle differences between Canada and The United States of America

I'm not talking about free healthcare for all vs the shit storm of health care issues, I'm talking mildly interesting nuances. 

There are plenty of ways to distinguish yourself as an outsider in subtle ways when visiting an unfamiliar area. These are some sure-fire ways, as an American, to show Canadians you’re from The States- and other small differences.